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Delco Cleanouts uses 15 feet box trucks, which handles 20 Cubic yards of junk. Our trucks handle more cubic yards of junk than our larger competitors, giving our customers a more cost-effective way of disposal.

Delco Cleanouts provides two ways of junk removal pricing to meet our customers needs.

Volume Pricing

Volume pricing is determined by the amount of truck space which is required to load the junk you are looking to dispose of. This is accomplished in increments starting at a 1/8th truckload to a full truckload. These increments allow us to offer customers a range of pricing over the phone or via email so there is no need for an on-site estimate. Customers who are able to give us a good description of what they need removed many times opt for our volume junk removal pricing.

Larger Trucks Than Our Competitors

Get Junk Removal Pricing from Delco Cleanouts

Estimated Pricing

Estimated pricing is for bigger jobs such as home cleanouts and demolition. Our estimates are always free and booked around your schedule for convenience. Estimated pricing presents the customer with a fixed price on the service their in need of.

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